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February 2, 2013
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Oh and note some errors are from when I copied and pasted from word, because I noted it made some really weird typing errors but I am too lazy to go back and erase them


Every where I look I see blue. Blue skies, blue water, but mostly, I see blue eyes. Blue skies fade to darkness, blue water droughts, but blue eyes never leave, they haunt me.
I couldn’t help my fate, I was cursed with it. Only the holy realized my normality to every mortal. My only aim is survival, but that is the hard part.
Legend tells of blood thirsty demons that plotted the distinction of Earth. Our resistances have kept the human numbers from rapidly falling apart, yet the population drops like flies. The demons reproduced to the point where countries fallen under there will. They were truly terrible for they spread deadly diseases, viruses, and rabies, all signs of hell dwellers. Their skin was like stone and their weapons were fire built. The disaster kept getting worse up to the point where GOD sent angels to destroy the invaders. Now all around inhuman forms hide or reveal them selves everywhere. This legend was discovered true as Earth realized the transparency in ones eye is reflected by the pureness in their soul. The heavenly ones were blessed with pure blue while the evil had… red.

That was the color of hatred and blood, and it was the color of my eyes since I was born.
I am not a demon but a true GOD follower, and the reflections of my eyes bring anger toward myself as though I was given the shade because I would become a soldier to the king of death. Although the angels realize I am not true evil, other souls are at question, even as my eyes first opened.

1. The Fait
Imagine being different, not by color, not by weight, but something much more valuable. Something others die for, a reason to kill.
“How could this happen?” I saw a silk coated, ice shaded wolf whine as my eyes forcefully pride open. Around me rat sized, squealing pups flung about there feet howling of pain at each fall.
Her eyes ticked slowly to the side of her head as she struck here face toward a scared, raven black beta. Her snout crinkled like folding paper as she snapped “This is your fault, stupid blood waist!”
Blood waist was a name given to the unholy that mortals used to taunt them. I have heard it all around me for the words rang like church bells.
My confusion inflated as I saw his scowl fade into a smirk as a horrifying chuckle buzzed between his lips. “Silly mortal, so nieve, so clueless, you have never discovered what you are living with constantly.”
She followed his game and calmly remarked “You’re a demon; your eyes can never be descized,  lifless blood courses through your veins. Scarlet’s eyes are red, irreversible, and can not be trusted although your penalty is much more horrific.”
I looked around me and suddenly scoped the other pup’s eye colors, which all were tinted red, but as I looked in the mirror like water puddles I discerned that mine were more than the others.
After a long pause of my fathers thought he responded with a gaggling voice, “You act as though you discovered me all this time yet you mention this with such a delay.”
“I am not surprised,” she mimicked, “I would never expect one of you to be so weak and desperate that you plan to become my mate,” she longfully continued. She finally ended her talk after grinning with self pleasure, “I also never would have guessed that you had such a foolish mind as to expect battle with a full sized pack, the right decision should never have been so hard to find out.
“You will die,” she said eyes focusing toward the dirt with a force upwards until her visage faced my father, “Ungodly minis!”
Her lips raised and she exhibited her spear like fangs and immense gums which created lumps of skin shoving into her snout. Quickly she leaped like lightning and aimed for my father’s neck. He countered the attack right after her paws glided against his fur.

“Watch your filthy mouth!” he screeched with a piping voice sounding as an alarm.
“Impossible,” she silently whispered lying helplessly on her stomach.
His eyes sank into a flesh red color glazing like the moon reflection as if his anger exploded and expanded after hearing that bizarre assertion.
I traveled through his never route in his thoughts and saw no results. It felt blank, cold, clear, filled with just pure hatred.
Prancing like galloping dear wolves hopped down to our sight and slowing after seeing no emergencies. Alpha arrived last studying our situation as the raven wolf stood as he would if he was frozen. His feet mounted to the ground, paralyzed, like stone.
“Your eyes,” Alpha checked emotionlessly “Are they only ironic or…” he did not finish his sentence yet visibly fought back his urge to murder him as his eyes rapidly flinched in  disbelief.
There was utter silence as Dad’s feet planted into the ground and his legs slowly turned away. Without thought he bolted away from the crowd as he smashed into a brick feeling leg of a humongous wolf. He bobbed his head about thinking of his next move. Before it was settled, wolves formed a group surrounding him as I trotted following in between wolves feet in curiosity.
Like a deer in head lights he glanced in fear while black swallowed the blue skies and flooded above us. The wind breathed upon us and flashed lights in the sky. The fatal magnificence appealed to each wolf, and every one stood blankly.
Like a pile of rotten salmon, the stench of wet fur swayed around my nostrils. Each shouting curses with words almost biting into his throbbing ears. He lay snarling at each wolf after losing balance in his hind legs. The skies never left and more wolves looked away from the intruder. By a manner of mere minutes, no one dared to peak at him but me. His ferociousness grasped my attention as his breathing rose into a pant and his eyes clenched tight together. Two legged he blurted “Long live the devil!” and charged toward Alpha with bear claws and filed nails yet no one seemed to pay attention.
I whimpered and howled and gathered my falling tears like a dream catcher. I shivered until my body completely vibrated and I scampered behind each pack warrior for protection. I gnawed at wolves’ legs and finally approached Alpha when the wolf pondered for my existence, eyeing around. I teethed his leg ferociously as a piglet and finally caught his eye. He stared questionly as I hid under his tail. He turned his head about and looked ahead as a giant paw slashed his throught, causing him to collapse to the icy path.
In my head I cried vigorously calling his name and ringing the echoes through my mind. By now my tears banked heavily and my vision was blurred by the piling water. I sniffled helplessly only thinking; we are all going to die. One last shout came from his maw when his head bounced on the ground. Finally one wolf stared eyes wide as baseballs and turned his spell into worry and sorrow as I.
“Blood waste!” he growled sprinting toward the monster. By a sudden whipping sound he faded to fog and sucked into the black hole that shrank and revealed the morning air once more.
I haven't been submitting much lately and I just found a word document of a story I have been writing in 5th grade :D It is stupid! xD Basically everything you find in a bad book! There is horrid grammar, wayyyy too extended plot, really stupid and confusing story line, but I am submitting it anyway 8D!!! W00P! Enjoy my extremely horrible story and don't be afraid to make fun of me in the comments BD
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pugubug Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
We should all post our crappy stories now, IMA DO IT!!!
pugubug Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
This is actually pretty good. Well... way better than me XD witch is sad considering that You were 11 and I'm 15!
VulpesCorvus Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013   Digital Artist
Other than a cliche theme and a few spelling errors, this is actually pretty well-written.
When I was eleven, my writing was much, much worse than this XD
WiinterPaws Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
This is actually really great!
I was too lazy to read the rest, I only read the first two paragraphs. xD
MorikoFox Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is awesome ouo
pugofpower Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
I uploaded in expectation for everyone to be like "wowwwww pug really this sucks" not compliment me x,D
MorikoFox Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well you deserve compliments!! I really like it!
Chocukat Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
wow aha its a good storyline nonetheless!
pugofpower Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
Lol you can admit is sucks if you want to x,D
Chocukat Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2013
nono it really doesnt ^^
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