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October 13, 2012


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Well so I did decide to make the contest(: Even though I had only a few oppinions, I would really like to do one! Now this may be revised a few times, adding prizes or judges, if hopefully I get them! <3

So all you have to do for my contest is make one of my ocs. I got this idea from capukat! I am hoping to appeal to a larger audience, considering I have varying characters. Some of the characters REALLLY need to be updated ^^; Sorry for that! If I am planning on updating their ref I will put and maybe you could look out for it?

So that is it! Just make an oc of mine (or a few) And make it music themed. Now this can be anything from dubstep, to rock, to sad music. I would like it to have strong emotion of some kind. Very happy, depressing, horridly scary, etc. It doesn't specifically need a backround, or anything! Let your imagination flow!

My characters to chose from:

Kye. Kye Official Ref sheet 2012 by pugofpower

Kye is me. She is a big procastinator! She tries to act sweetly to everyone but can be very strong headed ^^; Keep in mind she isn't a wolf! So Kye should be pretty easy to characterize(:

Art of Kye: I love you Kye! by iKodi If it gives you the world to see me cry, by pugofpower Lighters by pugofpower

Blaze. (dead) Blaze, revamped by pugofpower

Blaze is the meanest guy out there. He doesn't even try to talk to anyone, and if you say anything he doesn't like the slightest, the sentence is death. He is cruel, untrustworthy, he gives absolutely NO pity to any one. He is already dead, and he lives in Hell. He desperately wants to escape, however. You can read more of that back story on the ref. Keep in mind his old form, before he died!

No art yet!

Blaze (before he died) Blaze by pugofpower

Blaze before he died was a rough, but really a gentle guy. He gets very annoyed easily and doesn't put up with much. He never has really believed in violence though, besides how strong and dangerous he is. He first fought when his best friend Akaira was forcefully being taken away by her mate, Sparce. He attempted to stand up for her, yet Sparce ended up killing him. (Read more information about this below)

Art of Blaze: JustGonnaStandThereandWatchmeBurn -speed paint- by xMizuOkami Blazing by Capukat Inside the Fire by pugofpower

Akaira Akaira by pugofpower

Akaira is a very old oc of mine, so I don't have much personality traits to fit with her. However, her life story is already thought out entirely. If you are considering making her, Blaze, or Sparce, (or even all of them) You might want to read:

Akaira is a fox who is very loving and overly trusting. She fell in love with a demonic animal named Blaze. Everything in the begginning was perfectly fine for the two, but he over powered her and abused her. She stayed in a pack with wolves (her father was accually half wolf)  Including her best friend Blaze. Sparce was very controlling and wanted to runaway with her so she couldn't be with her pack. She loved Sparce, so she reluctantly agreed. Blaze never trusted Sparce, and feared for her life. He tried to attack him, despite Sparce being twice his size, and had the power of lighting him on fire. (See more information below) Sparce killed him, and Akaira ran away. Sparce is still trying to kill Akaira for leaving him, and the ending of this story has not yet been determined.

Art of Akaira: Do you even know me? by pugofpower Stand In The Rain by pugofpower The Cave by pugofpower

Sparce Sparce Ref by pugofpower

Sparce is the mate of Akaira (see above)

He is a demonic creature. After experiencing many deaths in his mortal life time he became very evil and wicked. But if anything, lonely. After dying of deppression he came back to earth and ended up falling in love with the young fox. He is very very cruel, and hates everyone but her. After Akaira left him, he hates even her. His name is Sparce because he can create sparks of toxic fire in his mouth, and simply lighting it can burn anything down with toxic gas.

Art for Sparce: Mister misery by pugofpower C: Light up the Dark by Kuromio

Zaeth New character, Zaeth by pugofpower

Zaeth is a fun guy! He loves food and he is definetly a ladies man. He is very dominit, and attacks other males. His species is unknown. But he is very confident in who he is and very flirtacious(:

Art of Zaeth: Chibi Zae Zae by pugofpower

Jovi Jovi by pugofpower

(Excuse the male parts O__e) Jovi is a traveler/ messanger who is very humble and nice. He is a bit on the chubby side and is a trouble to older animals. He does not act his age! He is very childish and very exciting. He really likes girls, but he is not very attractive though.X)

Art of Jovi: Fly With Me by pugofpower .:AT:. Jovi~ by xMizuOkami :thumb294158520:

Zero Zero ref (Jason update) by pugofpower

Zero is commonly found in anthro form. He is a rude guy is annoyed very easily. He is quiet the muscle man though, and has a rep with the female society. He tends to go from one girl to the next. He can't settle down anywhere really. When shot in cameras he is often never smiling and just giving off an expression of "why?" or "seriously?"

Art of Zero: Sexy time by pugofpower

Ace Sparkle sparkle sparkle fart by pugofpower

Ace is Zero's best friend! They are two peas in a pot. Most of the time Ace is the puppy following Zero around, but when Zero is in a good mood they could be comedians. They often have an awkward relationship, knowing Zero gets easily annoyed, and Ace is pretty much the master troller. Yet despite this they find themselves doing everything together. Ace is hardly ever found alone with out him. However if you would like to make him you can find more about him in the description.

Art for Ace: I didn't chose the straight life by pugofpower

Zip Zip, dubstep wolf by pugofpower

Zip is a fun character to draw when you are on art block and would like to enter, but a simple entry(: He has no emotion, and is most lively when the "bass" is drop, which is found it most dubstep music. There is nothing much to say about him! He is pretty self explanitory!

Art for Zip: You better not pull on my zipper by xXGrinsekatze {{{{{DrOp tHe BaSS}}}}} by pugofpower

Finn New character, Finn by pugofpower

Finn is an awesome guy!(: He is laid back and he is one of those guys who are kind of robots, but really do care. He is such a popular guy with the ladies! Unlike most guys who go crazy to see a hot girl, this guy is used to it! He is chill and is a night owl. When you go out with him at night however, he is crazy!

(Please note that I may be adding characters to the list, as I add refs for my adopted and planned out future characters. There are about 5 in this category, so if you don't want to make any of these, you could look out for that!)

Judges: Me (pugofpower) shaina773 rainfreezer

Prizes: (will be updated if I find myself with more points or time, or if someone donates)

1st place.

1,000 points
A llama+watch if you don't have them already
llama from shaina773
llama from rainfreezer
llama from randomnessence
+1 feature from rainfreezer
One full picture (shading backround, everything)
a custom design
2 chibis
1 character picture+complex backround from shaina773
1 traditional sketch from randomnessence
full body shading+backround+speedpaint from xMizuOkami
And 15 faves from your gallery

2nd place.

600 points
A llama+watch if you don't have them already
2 chibis
llama from shaina773
llama from rainfreezer
llama from :devrandomessence:
feature from rainfreezer
a custom design
1 chara with transparent backround from shaina773
1 headshot+shading+ simple backround and video (painterly style optional) from xMizuOkami
10 faves from your gallery

3rd. place

A llama if you don't have one already
llama from :devrandomessence:
a chibi
full body shaded w/ transparent backround xMizuOkami
5 faves from your gallery
a chibi from shaina773
1 feature from rainfreezer

So ya! Hope it seems fun! I would love to get entries ^^; But my stuff never works out anyways :shrug:

If you could donate or help judging that would be GREAT! I would also give 50 points to each person who volunteers  1 picture, or judges, and faves based on how many points you could donate!


3 entries per person
Must be my characters
No sexual themes
if it is gorey please make sure you put a warning
dont say you are going to donate or help out if you accually aren't :/
please be kind to other entries!
Keep in notice their personalities, I spent quiet a bit of time on them
I will judge based on originality, impact, over all niceness, and kindness treated to other contestants
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Moon-DaZzLe Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll enter!
And cause I'm a tard, can you tell me when it ends? :iconfacepalmplz:

oh, and cause I'm also a tard, can you give me the code for making the little emot that has a drop of sweat? I can't figure it out! XD
pugofpower Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
XDD aha dont worry, it ends on christmas (december 25)

I only said it in my first journal

and oh haha type ^^ ; without the space between the "^^" and the ";" together they make ^^;
Moon-DaZzLe Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
^^;<-- yah! thanks
and thanks! I'll be able to enter by then :)
pugofpower Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012
sounds good! <3
Moon-DaZzLe Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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DarkWolfArtist Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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DarkWolfArtist Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
alrighty X3
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